About me
Kjell Post
I was introduced to a programmable calculator around 1978 at the age of 15, then a mini-computer the year after.  I wrote my first machine code program for a 1 MHz processor in 1980, picked up a book on compilers in 1982, learned about UNIX in 1983, started using e-mail in 1984, saw the WWW in the early 1990’s, got my PhD in 1994 and been wondering what to do since then.
Address: Hägersborgsvägen 10
723 55 Västerås
Home Phone: +46 21 20207
Cell Phone: +46 70 3432779
About me
Ph.D. Computer Science, University of California 1994.
M.Sc. Computer Science, Linköping University 1987.
I am a founding member of weddingbook.se, a company that document weddings.
Programming, Programming Languages, Algorithms, Computer Graphics, Photography.